Ninja Nine Success Habit 4.  Focus on your Hot List daily.

Ninja Nine Success Habit 4. Focus on your Hot List daily.

January 13, 2019

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Want to do more real estate transactions this year? Focus on your Hot List daily, Ninja Nine’s Success Habit #4. Doing so will keep the people that are ready to do business with you top of mind.

Your Hot List is composed of people who:

  • want to buy and sell
  • know they want to buy or sell
  • want to buy or sell with you
  • want to do buy or sell in the next 90 days

What exactly does focus mean?

In Larry Kendall’s book Ninja Selling, he says you should reference your Hot List each day and ask yourself the question:  “Who on this list wants to write a contract this week?” If you do this, he says you will gain contracts that you were not seeing before through the power of your Reticular Activating System (RAS). 

How to focus on your Hot List 

Focus on your Hot List by keeping a copy of it with you. (See an example on page 4 of the Ninja Planner.) Look at this list any time you hear property pitches or are previewing homes as part of a property tour.  Through this type of focus you’re using your RAS to make the connection between people who want to write a contract and the property that could work for them.  

And, you don’t have to be in these specific situations to focus on your hot list. Here’s how:

  • Take out your Hot List and spend 10-15 seconds focusing on each name on the list. Bring an image of each person into your mind and think about the type of property they are looking to buy or sell.  
    • Is it attached or detached?
    • How many bedrooms?  
    • How many baths?  
    • In town or on acreage?  

Got 3 minutes?

Even if you have 15 names on your Hot List, it will take less than 3 minutes each day. Think of the potential return on such a minimal investment of time.

Through your focus you have programmed your Hot List into your RAS.  What you focus on expands.   Now, you may be standing in the office talking to someone and overhear a different colleague discussing a new listing they have coming.  Before, this background conversation may have been filtered out as noise, but now your Reticular Activating System kicks in and makes the connection for you.

This habit requires persistence. Be patient and you’ll be amazed how focusing on your Hot List will grow your business.

For a more detailed review of Hot Lists reference the book Ninja Selling, pages 126, 130-131, 160-161.

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