October 04, 2018

Hello to our Canadian Ninjas!  We are excited and grateful that so many Canadian Ninjas use the Ninja Planner.  Our goal is to get the Ninja Planner to you in the most cost effective manner possible.  

Unfortunately, it’s expensive to ship to Canada.  Please note- we have made arrangements with FedEx such that no customer in Canada will get a bill for import fees.  If for some reason you do, please contact us at team@ninjaplanner.com so we can get it corrected.  Over the last year, we have learned some things about shipping to Canada.  Our goal here is to offer tips for how to order in the most cost-effective manner and to be completely transparent about the added costs of shipping over the Canada-US border.  What we know, you will now know.

We know some readers like to get right to the point so here it is.  The more planners per shipment, the lower the per planner cost. Find a friend or many friends and order together!   Here’s an example for one, 5 and 20 planners shipped to the same address in Ontario (all prices in US Dollars):

As you know, each Canadian province has their own tax structure.  Below is are the tax rates used when calculating taxes for shipping to locations in Canada.

For those of you like the nitty gritty details:

To understand the added costs of shipping to Canada we need to distinguish between two costs.  The merchandise cost and landed cost.  Merchandise cost of the Ninja Planner is $39.95 USD.  The landed cost of the Ninja Planner is the total cost, including the variables below, to deliver a Ninja Planner to Canada.

These variables include:

  1. Merchandise Cost - sale price of the goods sold
  2. Transportation Cost - cost to transport goods from the seller to the buyer via FedEx
  3. Customs Brokerage- fees assessed to properly clear and account for the goods at the border
  4. Duty- Ninja planners and journals are duty free (see below)
  5. Taxes- standard tax per item imposed by the Canadian government

Merchandise cost - is $39.95 USD for the Ninja Planner.  To keep it fair for everyone, the price is the same for every planner sold.

Transportation cost – The cost to ship via FedEx.  We are passing along the discounted rates we have negotiated directly to you.  The displayed costs are the real time transportation costs we are charged to by the service provider to ship your product.  The rates decrease for larger shipments on a per planner basis. Therefore, larger orders receive a “bulk discount” in transportation cost.

Customs Brokerage- The customs broker acts on the behalf of the seller with the Canadian Board Shipping Authority (CBSA) and is required to import items into Canada.  The customs broker works to streamline the customs process and manage critical details to get goods into Canada quickly and legally. This is a set fee of $13.93 USD per shipment.  There is also a and NAFTA fee of $3.93 USD per shipment.

Duty- A duty is a government imposed tax on certain categories of goods. Good news! At this point, both the Ninja Planner and the Ninja Journal are classified as duty free products.  

Taxes- These taxes are those charged by the Canadian and/or Provincial governments on goods imported into Canada.  We are required to collect these based on the destination of the shipment.  These taxes can add as much as 15% to the cost of the Ninja Planner and Ninja Journal.  

Should I buy in bulk or in smaller quantities to have the lowest landed cost?

Buy in bulk.  The cost per planner decreases as the number of planners per order is increased.  

We hope this information has been helpful.  If you have further questions please contact us at team@ninjaplanner.com and we can discuss the best options directly.  

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