The Ninja Planner Story


We are bombarded with interruptions throughout our day, most coming from the phones, computers and other electronic devices that saturate our daily lives. the ability for constant connection has disconnected us from our most powerful tool - focus.

The Ninja Planner is your daily, weekly and monthly guide on the Ninja Path. It has been specifically designed to identify and track the steps you need to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to follow the Ninja System. It allows you to track your Ninja Nine, envision and plan your goals, leverage your technology, develop your focus and establish the habits you need to stay on the Ninja Path. It’s paper on purpose. Research shows the simple act of writing things down helps retention, recall, focus and accountability. It’s easy to see your week or month at a glance and you can plan your life and business in one place. If you work the system, the system works.

Erik Hardy, Founder

Erik Hardy, Founder

For the past 42 years I have been studying life. In the early years, my studies were not very rigorous. They mainly included playing in creeks, building forts and riding a bicycle. As I entered into college, the question of “What is my purpose in my life?” became more pressing and less clear. Being at an institution of higher learning led me to believe that formal education would provide the answers I sought. This led to an undergraduate degree and two advanced degrees and the question still remained.

In 2007 I was introduced to Larry Kendall, who became a mentor, my first guide on the journey of answering the question of “What is my life’s purpose?” I had literally spent years of my life in a classroom, but I was learning so many critical concepts for the first time. Through his course, Ninja Selling, Larry taught us about the power of the mind, the importance of setting goals, and how if you have the discipline to do the daily, weekly and monthly tasks you need to do to be successful in your life and your business, then you will be successful in both. Larry Kendall and his course, Ninja Selling, introduced me to the broad field of “Personal Development” and I dove deep into this new world. I had been trained as a scientist, in a world of statistics and literature reviews, and this taught me to look for patterns in data. Gradually some broad patterns between all of these speakers and authors began to emerge.

I began to make changes in my life based on the patterns I had observed, and my life began to change. In the past few years I joined a mastermind group that has given me the opportunity to meet more thought leaders and others individuals who are constantly striving to improve their lives. All of this brought me to a very jarring realization. All throughout my formal education I had never been taught how to plan and lead my life. Have you? From this realization, Monumental Living was born with the simple mission to help as many people as possible live their most monumental lives.

After earning an undergraduate degree, two advanced degrees and setting forth upon a stable career path in science, I realized I was not living my life’s purpose. In fact, finding that purpose felt even more elusive than ever before.

In 2007, I began my real estate career with The Group, Inc. where I met Larry Kendall, who became a mentor and my first guide on the journey of finding my purpose. He taught me the critical concepts that changed the trajectory of my life. Literally. Through his course, Ninja Selling, Larry teaches about the power of the mind, the importance of setting goals, and how having the discipline to do the daily, weekly and monthly tasks you need to do to be successful in your personal life and your business leads to success in both. I put his teachings into action and my life began to change.

Attending Ninja Installations provided the knowledge and great motivation, but I needed a daily dose of discipline to hold myself accountable to actually working the Ninja System. A written, planner seemed to be the right tool, but I couldn't find a planner I liked, so I developed my own, used and tweaked it for a year until I was happy with it. Thinking it might be useful to others, I presented it to Larry. That led to working together with the Ninja Team to develop the Ninja Planner.

Christine Hardy, Co-Founder

Christine Hardy, Co-founder

For as long as I can remember I’ve been very self-motivated and draw immense pride on “doing” more by 10am than most people achieve in a day. I’ve never been afraid to set lofty goals and then go out and achieve them. This was particularly true of career goals. College, a graduate degree, stepping stone career, 2 more graduate degrees and then a dream job. Check, check, check! I loved it, had capacity to do more and so I started a private business and a non-profit. All while stoking a fulfilling personal life. The status quo was never enough so I set my sights on and attained a bigger job. Sounds magical, right?

Major speed bumps in both my personal and professional lives threw me right off the beautiful golden brick road I had so carefully constructed. My self-confidence evaporated, I lost sight of my goals. I felt like a complete and total failure.

I’ve come to realize the speed bumps served to direct me back onto a more meaningful path – the one I couldn't see because I was so busy “doing” and pursuing what I thought was the way. Ninety percent of people die with regrets. I am determined to be part of the other 10% and help others towards that goal. I expanded my skillset and set forth the habits to help me live my most monumental life. The journey alone has been valuable. Together with Erik, I am thrilled to help as many people as possible live their most monumental lives.

Dave Rizzotto, Marketing and Website Partner

Dave has a 15-year history of driving growth through brand architecture, strategic marketing, and creative development. He’s worked across industries such as small-business, corporate, not-for-profit, academia, and startup, including Discovery Channel, UCHealth, and Harvard.

As Principal at Signal, Dave helps brands build communities of engaged advocates. Always curious, Dave doesn’t settle for asking consumers what they want. He immerses in the customer journey to discover what they need and how to solve their problems. This, together with an insight-driven approach, he identifies segments, creates differentiated touch points, and harvests demand.

On the creative side, Dave humanizes analytics through storytelling, always conscious that metrics are people. He activates brands through award-winning campaigns such as Ragan’s Health Care Grand Prize for Marketing Campaign of the Year, for innovating a men’s health vertical that increased engagement, qualified leads, and retention.

Dave believes a competitive advantage is formed by how quickly you learn. He’s constantly adding to his core expertise to provide validated recommendations and solutions. He’s daring, willing to experiment, watching for signs that may be new business opportunities. And, he has the courage to pivot, should a strategy not meet expectations.