September 10, 2020

"Ninjas are masters of creating, sending and receiving good vibrations." 
~ Larry Kendall

As Larry Kendall points out in his book, Ninja Selling, we all have a vibe.  From Ninja Selling:  "As a human, I am both a sender and a receiver of energy.  I broadcast my energy at a frequency based on what I am thinking and feeling.  Others receive this energy and call it my vibe."

Here is the thing, you can't fake your frequency, and you are sending out a frequency whether you want to or not.  This is the reason Ninjas learn to start the day with gratitude because gratitude moves us into a positive mindset which creates a positive frequency.  This frequency is so important in business and in life because the vast majority of people are attracted to a positive frequency.  The more positive you can keep your frequency, the more "attractive" you will be to those around you, and the goal in Ninja is to be attracting as opposed to pursuing.  

Every Ninja knows about gratitudes for creating positive frequency, but I would like to give you another tool to think about and use to create positive frequency in your life.  Most of us know words are important, but let me show you how changing two words can impact the frequency you create in your business and your life. 

Have to's versus Get to's

Everyone knows what it feels like to have to do something.  I have to make 10 live flow calls today, I have to write two personal notes today, I have to pick up my child from school today.  In general, have to's feel like a chore.  

On the other hand, look at how we use get to's.  I get to go on vacation for a week in Italy.  I get to go on a date night with my wife, get to go camping this weekend with my friends.  Most of us don't say "I have to go on vacation for a week in Italy" or "I have to go on a date night with my wife" or "I have to go camping this weekend with my friends".  

Do you feel the difference in frequency between have to's and get to's?  Which are you using every day in your self talk or even talk with your family or coworkers? 

Do you have to make ten live flow calls today or do you get to make ten live flow calls today?

Think about the fact that you are in a profession where part of your job is to call or meet people in person to simply check in with them and maintain a relationship.  Sure, sometimes it is strictly business, but your goal is to always maintain a positive relationship.  For many Ninjas, many of those people in our database are our family and friends. 

How lucky are you that part of your job is simply to be a friend and check in on them.  You get to call Bill and congratulate him on his promotion.  You get to call Mary and see how she is feeling after coming out of the hospital.  You get to meet Kate and Rich and let them know their offer on their first home was accepted.  These are not things you have to do, they are things you get to do.  

Try this on for a few days.  Pay special attention to not only what you say out loud but also how you use have to's and get to's in your self talk.  Is the internal dialogue, "I have to take Joey to his basketball game" or "I get to take Joey to his basketball game"?  

Have to's and get to's create a different frequency and those around you can feel the difference.  If you want to create a more positive vibe in your life, try thinking and speaking more get to's. 

Remember, you can't fake your frequency.

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